J-16 Pavement Sealer

A Rubberized Geotextile and Polymer Fortified Coal Tar Emulsion

  • Concentrated formula for contractors
  • Widely specified by architects, engineers and large property owners.Sold in concentrate form and delivered in bulk tankers, and in 55 gallon drums.
    Call, fax, or email for bulk or drum prices. Contact us for available distributorship.
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ADVANCED FORMULA J-16 PAVEMENT SEALER cures to form a tough, slate black barrier that is highly resistant to the elements. Plymer fortified for superior wear resistance and bonding. Geotextile fibers allow greater flexibility. Linear strength is improved and fine cracks are filled better. Additives are not needed which saves time and money. ADVANCED FORMULA J-16 PAVEMENT SEALER meets and exceeds Federal Specification RP 355(e). If interested in this product, please contact us for pricing.


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