Fass-Dri Asphalt Resurfacer


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Asphalt resurfacing without 12 to 24 hours of downtime means
minimal loss of business to your customer and lets you, the contractor,
turn nuisance work into quick, highly profitable jobs. This non-tracking,
rich slate black finish offers long lasting protection from temperature
change, stress, abrasion and chemicals. FASS-DRI is reinforced with
geotextile fibers for increased flexibility and tensile strength. Resurface
existing asphalt pavement with the only asphalt coating that is classified
by Underwriters Laboratories for slip resistance. FASS-DRI is the
preferred product for service stations, fast food restaurants, convenience
stores, banks, hospitals, golf courses, motor sports tracks, airport
taxiways, etc.

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5 Gal. Pail, 45 Gal. Drum


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