J-16® Driveway Sealer



  • A ready-to-use version of the original contractor grade Advanced Formula J-16® Pavement Sealer
  • The best choice to protect and beautify your asphalt parking lots and driveways.
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Beware of inexpensive, watered-down, discount store sealers. The best looking, longest lasting off-street asphalt pavements are protected with ADVANCED FORMULA J-16® DRIVEWAY SEALER. Unlike most sealers, it keeps natural elements, de-icing salts and automobile deposits from penetrating asphalt. Gas and oil can’t eat it away. The sun can’t dry it out. Winter moisture can’t seep in, freeze and rip it apart. And summer rain can’t erode the foundation. ADVANCED FORMULA J-16 DRIVEWAY SEALER extends pavement service life and makes pavements easier to clean. This unique, premium quality formulation lets you do it yourself with no costly mixing equipment. Easy-to-follow application directions are printed on every container.

J-16® DRIVEWAY SEALER is available in two (2) grades – Plain (no sand) and Sand-Filled. Use Sand-Filled on the first coat over new asphalt, on moderate to heavy traffic areas for extra wear or on areas where extra traction and slip resistance are needed.

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